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Black lives matter, it’s ok to be black, video realizzato dagli studenti di 4BII per Ed. Civica

HUMAN RIGHTS: “Black lives matter, it’s ok to be black” è un video realizzato dagli studenti Battaglia Samuele, Schievano Alessandro, Franceschetto Matteo, Coffele Michele, Arcaro Giovanni, Kaur Harleen di 4BII, Jacobi Jackson, Peter e Sara Meneguzzo di 3BII nell’ambito di Educazione Civica, con la supervisione della prof.ssa Valeria Terranova.

Through this video we want to spread awareness on racism and the #blacklivesmatter movement to make people understand that it’s ok to be different because everyone is unique in his/her own way. We’ll discuss viewpoints held by different people and the disparities in the criminal justice system for African Americans. The video concludes with a call to action to fight against racism. Enjoy the vision.